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Jerry "Wolfie" Wolf

Jerry has more than three decades of commercial experience including tenure with international accounting firms and ownership and management of a multidivisional commercial real estate services company. He was also a pioneer in the field of e-commerce. His background includes an outstanding record of professional achievement in positions that have provided a broad range of administrative, supervisory, marketing, sales, public relations and customer service skills. He has demonstrated the ability to:

  • Build profitable businesses, from inception to thriving operations

  • Perceive trends, adapt to change, implement new concepts

  • Make sound decisions and manage multiple tasks

  • Arrange financing to enable companies to achieve their growth objectives

  • Attract top talent from multiple sources to build implementation teams that

  • deliver against company objectives

A talented organizer and resourceful problem solver, he is able to perceive trends, adapt to change, make sound decisions and manage multiple tasks. Recognized as a visionary, he implemented innovative high tech security systems twenty years ago. He was also a pioneer in the field of e-commerce, having implemented one of the first successful e-commerce sites on the Internet in 1994. Jerry creates and leads teams of talented people to build profitable businesses that focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

  • Finance

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • E-Commerce

  • Management

  • Finance

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