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Jean Wilcox

Jean began her career in Technology and Manufacturing, and progressed into Marketing, Strategy and Business Analysis. She has extensive international experience, particularly in Japan, and has taught seminars on developing effective cross cultural working relationships. She is currently an adjunct professor teaching International Marketing at Temple University Fox School of Business. Her experience includes:

  • International Marketing and Business Analysis

  • Brand Management

  • Technology and Manufacturing

Jean's diverse experience allows her to transcend industry lines to help her clients achieve  a unified business strategy that improves their bottom line.

Her key strength is her ability to envision the big picture and to communicate it clearly to any type of organization. She does this through a combination of executive, technical, communication, and design skills. Jean has exceptional team building skills across functional lines and international boundaries, and has led cross-cultural training workshops on three continents. She has a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Chicago.

She has demonstrated the ability to:

  • Combine creative thinking with analysis to develop effective strategies

  • See the big picture and communicate it clearly

  • Translate complex concepts into clear customer benefits

  • Manage a team to meet aggressive schedules and deliverables

  • Identify those things that are moving you ahead and those things that are holding you back

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