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WATTwalls open up previously unavailable real estate to the solar industry and building owners' exterior walls. WATTwalls are ideal for south facing walls on warehouses, parking lot structures, office parks, and a wide variety of other buildings.

The WATTwalls system is extremely easy to install and is competitive with any roof-top installation, it is also a great way to supplement existing roof top arrays, and offers building owners, (which might not have been able to do roof-top or parking before) a viable and powerful solar system option.

The design advance, which The WATTwalls represent, is made possible by the revolutionary "non-flat", all inclusive (each module has it's own inverter and support structure), panel innovation of the WATTLOTS LITEbeams.

WATTwalls are proudly made and assembled in the USA.

Complete Off-The-Grid PV Systems

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